I’m working on something big… not exactly the Death Star but definitely big…

Not everyone can afford a good therapist or cope with having to wait for help during a crisis. But wouldn’t it be great if there were some genuinely useful free resources on the web that could provide real hope? My dream is to create the kind of articles, podcasts or videos that change lives and help lead people away from despair.

The problem with many existing internet resources is that they are largely insufficient in scope and written with marketing in mind, often by someone who wants you to pay for some product or service. We need free, well-researched and lovingly written, healing resources which can soothe distress and provide much-needed guidance.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is John but I am known as Wise Mushroom and my vision is to provide free, high quality “psychoeducation”, the kind of broad knowledge that gives us an understanding of how life works, what struggles we are likely to face and how we can realistically deal with those challenges.

This is something which millions of people are missing, especially those raised in psychologically dysfunctional, emotionally neglectful or abusive environments. Many of us don’t know how to be emotionally healthy or functional simply because we were never really shown how and were often taught the very opposite in many ways.

The role of effective psychoedcation is to fill in some of the gaps in our emotional education. It increases our general understanding of how to live fulfilling lives covering key areas such as coping with difficulties, succeeding at our endeavours and developing healthy relationships with both ourselves and others.

I cannot carry out this work all on my own and so I am looking for volunteers to help me promote what I am doing and others to translate my work into different languages. Please volunteer now if you are willing to give two hours of your time every month towards this cause. Alternatively, it is also possible and very helpful to donate money.

Trying to compile and deliver all this information without any financial support has been extremely difficult. If you appreciate what I am doing then please consider donating just $1 per month here because doing this even for a few months can help me to survive the attempt. It is also possible to make a one-time donation if you prefer.