Meet Wise Mushroom

Wise Mushroom
Note the very strange mushroom-like hairstyle

The most important thing to know about me is that I am not particularly wise, nor am I a mushroom.

However, in my own very silly, chaotic, experimental and often self-embarrassing way, I believe that I have a talent for gradually arriving at something approaching wisdom. The process usually begins with a bunch of distorted and impulsively expressed ideas, which comes out of me rather like a vomit. In some cases it stays that way but in most cases I then realise how imbalanced those ideas are and start to refine them until I get much closer to the truth. I honestly don’t think I am capable of doing it any other way but the final result tends to be pretty good.

I think that all my imaginary future success really comes down to is that I’m a very sincere seeker of the truth. No matter how stubborn, stupid or temporarily self-deceiving I can be, I tend to get there in the end because finding the truth of things is all that really matters to me.